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The Value of Empathy

Empathy is a rare commodity, but needed more than ever. Recently, a story has been circulating newsrooms across the country. The family of Sgt. La David T. Johnson, one of four soldiers killed in an ambush in Niger, felt disrespected when President Donald Trump said to the grieving widow that the soldier “knew what he […]

Prayer & Support for the Gulf Coast (Links)

The devastating flooding taking place in Houston, Texas and the surrounding region as a result of Hurricane Harvey has a direct affect on the lives of millions. As an American family and a global society, we can pray for those affected and the brave men and women in their rescue and recovery efforts. We can […]


Going Deeper

You may hear this often from churchgoers, viewers of Christian TV or those who attend regional Christian conferences: “I need more ‘meat’!” “Now that’s a deep Word!” “So good! So good!” “I NEED MORE MEAT AUDIENCE” Depending on the source, these phrases could have a different meaning. Oftentimes, the “I need more meat” audiences are […]