Three S’s of Spiritual and Emotional Refreshment (Guest Blogger: Dr. Ron Walborn)


Somebody commented to me the other day about the pace of my life. They were genuinely concerned for me when they asked the question: “How do you recharge spiritually?”  I was actually thankful because it gave me a chance to reflect on whether or not I am taking adequate time to recharge and refresh myself on a regular basis. Here is what I came up with that I practice and seems to work for me most of the time. I call this plan my “Three S’s of Spiritual and Emotional Refreshment:” 


1. I regularly take Sabbath SeasonsIt is no secret to anyone in a busy life and ministry that there are some weeks you just don’t get a true sabbath day. I have learned that if you work three weeks in a row without a Sabbath Day, you need to plan a long weekend or extended period of time for Sabbath rest. God did this for the land when the Israelites neglected to give the land its 7 year Sabbath rest for 490 years. As a result, God took them into captivity for 70 years (you do the math) so that the land would have its rest. A Sabbath Season. If the Lord was that serious about the land, how much more concerned is He for us?


2. I also guard my Secret Life with God very carefully:  When you are constantly giving out and speaking to other people, your temptation is to use everything you get from God in your public ministry.  If you have no reservoir of Secret Life with God, it is a recipe for burnout.  Furthermore, if your entire relationship with God is shared publicly, you are an exhibitionist not a lover. I have to have times alone with God where I foster an intimacy and friendship that does not get shared publicly. The busier I get, the more I value my solitude with Him.


3. Finally, I have learned to love a variety of Spiritual Disciplines:  The Disciplines are just intentional practices that are designed to make space for God in our lives: reading, prayer, fasting, silence, journaling and many others allow us to slow down and be refreshed by His presence. Don’t be afraid to read up on the disciplines and add some variety to your times with God. We often get stuck in a rut and need something new on the menu.


I want to thank that brother who asked me how I get refreshed. We bless each other when we ask the heart and soul questions of life. Those are my “Three S’s of Spiritual and Emotional Refreshment.” What do you do to refresh your soul and recharge spiritually?


Dr. Ron Walborn is the Dean of Alliance Theological Seminary and the College of Bible and Christian Ministry at Nyack College. He has been on faculty at Nyack ATS since the fall of 1999. Ron also serves on the Board of Directors for the Christian and Missionary Alliance and has served on the Theological Issues Committee for the denomination.

Ron is originally from Western Pennsylvania where his father was a Christian & Missionary Alliance pastor in several churches. He holds a B.A. in History from Nyack College and a M.Div. from Alliance Theological Seminary. He completed his D.Min degree at Fuller Theological Seminary. Ron has pastored C&MA churches in Connecticut and California. He planted Risen King Community Church with Dr. Terry Wardle in Redding, CA in 1989. While living in Redding for 10 years, he taught part time at Simpson University.

Ron has spoken at numerous Christian and secular colleges across America, and at churches and conferences throughout the US and internationally. He has written a book on stewardship, Stewardship & the Kingdom of God, published by the Christian & Missionary Alliance and chaired the committee that wrote the C&MA position on Spiritual Gifts, Expectation Without Agenda.

Ron has been married to Wanda (the Director of Spiritual Formation at Nyack College) since 1984. They have four adult children: Kelly, Brice, Karis, and Karly, and one granddaughter, Isabella.


8 Replies to “Three S’s of Spiritual and Emotional Refreshment (Guest Blogger: Dr. Ron Walborn)”

  1. Angela C, wat zit jij nou raar te kletsen. Is dit jou humor ofzo??48 kilo bij 1,75 lang is overduidelijk ONGEZOND,niet mooi en dat noemen we geen afvallen maar anorexia. Dus spioneer jij nog ff verder op google om te kijken welke baan wel bij jou past! (gr?emania[veakoopsterm)

  2. Mark 16 is filled with good news… Jesus of Nazareth is risen! Yet Mary Magdalene, at the beginning, seemed to be the only one that believed Jesus was risen. Nevertheless Jesus, did not give up on his disciples and appeared to them. However, he did confront on their unbelief and hardness of heart. He then goes a step further and gives them the power and authority to go into the world and bring the good news. I am amazed at how much faith he has in us to fulfill the great commission as outlined in Mark 16:15-18. What a mighty and forgiving God we serve. He is with us every step of the way.

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  4. Lilly, do you mean not all high schools should teach math? I agree in so far that in later life most people won’t need the knowledge about Laplace’s equations. However, many disciplines today require higher math (science, engineering, biology, economics, …) and basic math is needed throughout life.

  5. Yes, ok then faustusnotes. My motivation in posting the link was not to score or even necessarily make a point; it was about opening a reasoned discussion. However, you’d have to point me in the direction of who/what you mean by valuable pomo feminist thinking. Notwithstanding that, Turner does seem to imply that the absence of class analysis depoliticises women’s liberation leaving a feminism that generates not much more than a generalised sense of grievance deriving from a frustrated sense of entitlement. Hence the role of young women in the recent display of extreme shopping in England.

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