“Ryan is an emerging thought leader that is passionate about leading people into a relationship with Jesus. He gives himself selflessly to God, His people, and the pursuit of excellence in character. These are the ingredients that make for a great man of God. I am proud and humbled to call him my spiritual son.”

– Dr. David Ireland, Founder & Lead Pastor, Christ Church (Northern NJ)


“Ryan is a great man of God with God-given talents to inspire others via his worship and speaking. I believe God has great things planned ahead for Ryan. His heart, integrity, anointing and passion are the ingredients God will use to impact and challenge the next generation. I’m honored and humbled to collide into Ryan!”

– Jinu Thomas, Founder, Collyde

“When Ryan graduated from Alliance Theological Seminary, our faculty knew he had a bright future ahead of him. Ryan received the highest honor when he was awarded the Dr. David Denyer award upon his graduation. After watching his ministry over the last few years I have seen him far exceed the expectations of our faculty. ATS is proud to count Ryan Faison among our alums.”

– Dr. Ronald Walborn, Nyack Alliance Theological Seminary Dean


“Ryan stands out among young adult pastors in the region as a visionary leader. His friendship and partnership has resulted in expansion of our ministry impact as we’ve seen more young adults become intentional and committed to their faith. Ryan is a godly man of integrity whom I feel honored to call my friend!”

– Pastor Segun Aiyegbusi, Missionary & Pastoral Trainer, Jos, Nigeria


“In my 36 years of worship as a Music Pastor, I have had the opportunity to work with many great individuals. But very few people have come across my path who carry the qualities, integrity and character I have observed in Ryan Faison. I knew immediately that the call to ministry burned in his heart. He was a young leader who wanted to do more than the ordinary. Ryan consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenge given him in the ministry or any other endeavor. When I gave him his first vocal harmony part, he sang it as if he had been doing it all of his life. It was not until years later that I found out he had never sang harmony until then. He never flinched! Ryan’s smooth and crooning vocal prowess and electrifying stage presence and anointing is surpassed only by his heart to love and serve God and His people. It is a distinct privilege to have worked with Ryan Faison. He is a true minister!”

– Minister Angel Lite Carlos, International Worship Recording Artist and Worship Leader

 (In Loving Memory of Minister Angel Carlos: December 20, 1958 – August 14, 2022)

“Throughout my career I have had the privilege of representing some of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations.  My 15 years of experience have taught me the type of leader (and characteristics) that are necessary to effectively lead  people. It’s a leadership that prompts people to connect with God on a deeper level so that they are able to achieve a purpose filled life. Ryan is that leader. He inspires every person that has ever had the opportunity of receiving from his worship, preaching, teachings or just simply serving alongside of him. He empowers those around him to be extraordinary and lives his life with a standard of excellence that makes him stand out in any setting. You cannot be around him for 5 minutes without learning something. He is a passionate teacher who is a phenomenal example of what it means to live a Christ centered life. We need more leaders like him and it gives me great joy that he is such a vital part of the training and development of this generation and beyond. He has already left such an impression with the many people that have had the blessing of experiencing his ministry. It is a true honor and I am always humbled at the opportunity to glean from a leader like Ryan.” 

– Erika Genera, Leadership Strategist and Development Consultant


“Ryan is one of the most authentic people I’ve ever met. His love for Christ is contagious and I deeply appreciate his passion to invest in the lives of the next generation. It is both a blessing and a privilege to serve alongside Ryan as we seek to further the Kingdom together. My prayer is that God will raise up more dynamic leaders like Ryan!” 

– John Dere, Associate Pastor, The Chapel

“The Bible tells us in Luke 6:45b…”that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” This lets us know that what you say flows from what’s in your heart. It is evident that Ryan’s worship is filled with passion that drips from his heart for the love he has for his God and Savior, Jesus Christ. I’ve had the awesome privilege of being in the atmosphere where Ryan wasn’t just leading us into a scripted worship event. Ryan was taking us on a journey with him and His Heavenly Father that transcended from being a worship experience to an “encounter” with the Living God…all because of what’s in his heart!”

– Nancey Jackson Johnson, Gospel Recording Artist

“Pastor Ryan has a heart of gold. Such a genuine leader who serves any and all with joy and humility. I am so encouraged by his life and am honored to call him a friend.”

– Sam Won, PursuitNYC Director

“Ryan is undoubtedly one of this generation’s most promising spiritual leaders. His passion, compassion, and down to earth approach allow him to truly be a servant-leader. In my role as Media Director at Christ Church, I have seen how Ryan connects with people – both one on one and corporately — way beyond the four walls of the church. He’s not only an outstanding Pastor; Ryan truly has a shepherd’s heart and makes a positive impact on the lives he touches.”

– Steve Malave, Director of News & Content/Serestar Communications

“Two things stand out to me when I think about Ryan. The first is his passion to connect young adults to God. The second is his dedication and hard work he has to make this happen. He has a great mix of two essential ingredients: hard work and passion. With these two things, there is no limit to the impact he will have wherever God leads him. I am honored and privileged to be able to work along side him and I cannot wait to see what else God does through him and his ministry.”

– Jonathan Burgio, Lead Pastor, Love Joy Church (Lancaster, NY) 


“Ryan is an influential leader who has a big heart for leading the next generation. What stands out to me is how he genuinely cares for and sacrificially invests in young people. In everything he does he looks to develop and encourage those around him. On top of all that, he’s a brilliantly gifted speaker and worship leader. I would recommend him for any event.”

– Chris Zeigler, BASIC College Ministries

(In Loving Memory of Chris Zeigler: August 20, 1985 – May 3, 2022)

“Ryan has high integrity. He is both right brain and left brain. He can quickly orchestrate an administrative project as well as being an artist. He is fabulous.”

– Dr. Rupert Hayles, President, Pillar College 


“Ryan exemplifies what it is to be a leader of the next generation. He is a true worshipper, gifted speaker and above all, a servant. His heart is seeing upon meeting and connecting with him. Our generation is blessed to have this gift we call Ryan Faison!”

– Juan Garcia, Juan Garcia Enterprises

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